We are not engaged in the practice of merely getting people to sit in chairs for an hour. We believe that the gospel changes people, and that as you spend time with us you will seek opportunities to grow more deeply.


Our Connection Groups are the front line of discipleship, where people engage in real spiritual community and are not afraid to say difficult things in order to aid spiritual growth. These groups also engage in community service at their own direction, taking care to be a benefit to the place where they live. Group leaders are discipled directly by their pastor, and are trusted to be spiritual leaders within their own group.


Our service teams provide practical ways to engage with our church family. Service requires time, and can sometimes be difficult, but doing hard things for good reasons is extremely rewarding.

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Valley Life Camelback is a place for you to grow in the gospel and your God-given talents. Here college students can get firsthand experience in making disciples and planting churches and be equipped make a difference at Grand Canyon University and around the world.